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Vegetarian Vitamins Keep My Friend Eating Well

My friend has been a vegetarian for a long time and I respect her choices. She doesn’t believe in hurting animals indirectly through eating meat. If that is something that is on her conscious, then I respect her for that and it is important for her to do. I am not a vegetarian myself, but I have other things that I do for my own moral reasons that not everyone does.

It has been cool to learn some nice recipes from my friend. Being vegetarian doesn’t mean having to eat boring meals, and I have learned that over the years that I have known my friend. She has introduced me to some really awesome recipes and meals that are full of nutritious veggies and other nutritious things that aren’t meat.

Being vegetarian has not held my friend back in any way and she has been taking some vegetarian vitamins that have been working out really well for her. The vitamins allow her to get a healthy dose of iron and they are easy on her stomach as well. The vitamins are also better absorbed than other kinds of iron supplements. It has been nice for my friend to have some great vitamins that she can take daily.